What is it

Kalliópê Interaction Suite is a massive communication platform that allows interaction in real time based in multimedia messaging


Imagine you are at a concert, a stadium or an event with thousands of people. Now imagine that you could send each of the attendees content of the show and even imagine that all of them could be part of the show. Imagine transforming your audience into a jungle or a city. Imagine dividing your audience into colors with just one click and create a composition where thousands of flashlights. This is Kalliópê. A massive communication tool that allows you to send all kinds of multimedia content to connected users.

Kalliópê Suite is composed by a software available for Mac and Windows and a mobile application that allows you to send and personalize multimedia messages - audio, video, image, text, web pages - to any device with an Internet connection - smartphone, speakers, screens, computers, sensors.

Create transmedia experiences through the devices of your assistants. Kalliópê Suite is a new way of telling stories and reaching your audience in a personal and interactive way.


Connect with the audience, get instant feedback, filter the interests and preferences of your audience, customize and modify your messages in real time to create a unique transmedia experience.


Kalliópê Suite is a project developed by  IGLOR Soluciones y Epica Foundation